About the Client

Industry: Professional Services Association   I   Number of Members: 2,000

Our client is an association that manages members, schedules events, and provides knowledge to its members through their website. Their nearly 2000 members can log into the site and review articles and newsletters, register and pay for events, and sign up for/renew their memberships.

Client's Business Issue

Our client allowed payment for events through their site, but did not allow membership payments. These payments also needed to be manually added to QuickBooks for their accounting needs. With the increasing number of members, this task became tedious and our client looked to us for a solution.

Our Solution

Our team updated the membership join/renew process to allow online payment. Using the data returned from the payment processor, we were able to write an application that retrieves the payment data and automatically inserts the information into QuickBooks.

These deposits are separated by checks and credit cards, and placed into the correct accounts within QuickBooks.


Our client is now able to spend less time entering data into QuickBooks. This allows more time for the client to manage and maintain their website.